Invest Augusta

Augusta,GA is booming with business growth. The Invest Augusta Conference showcases the companies, investors and business leaders who are making it happen. 

The Conference is an opportunity for industry leading cyber and tech companies to build relationships and grow their footprint in the Augusta market. Speakers from ​Georgia Cyber Center, Augusta University, Chamber of Commerce, and more will focus on building businesses and growth opportunities.


2019 Conference Emcee

Dr. Anthony Robinson

Tony Robinson

Dr. Anthony Robinson is the Director in Augusta for Rural Sourcing, Inc., a national IT company. Also, he is a leader in the Augusta community regarding entrepreneurship and innovation.

2019 Conference Speakers

Tony Lever

Tony Lever

Tony Lever is the founder of the Invest AugustaConference and a​ Managing Partner at Augusta Global Consulting. Tony is also the founder and CEO of Secure Merger.

​​Eric Toler

Eric Toler

​​​Eric Toler ​​is the Executive Director of the Georgia Cyber Center. Mr. Toler is a pioneer in developing cyberspace operations for the ​​Department of Defense, ​U.S. Cyber Command and ​the NSA.

Dr. ​Tom Clark

Tom Clark Augusta GA

​Dr. Tom Clark is the Executive Director for the CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon. Dr. Clark advocates for the “Fort Gordon Cyber District” to stimulate investment in cyber growth.

​Joe Beverly

Joe Beverly

​​Joe Beverly is the President of the Atlanta Technology Angels​. The Atlanta Tech Angels is the largest angel investment group in the State of G​eorgia. Joe is passionate about helping startup companies​.

​Cal Wray

Cal Wray

Cal Wray serves as the President of the Augusta Economic Development Authority and works to recruit manufacturing, distribution, and related industrial facilities to Augusta, Georgia.

Sue Parr

Sue Parr

Sue Parr is the President & CEO of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce and a leader in the Augusta community. Sue spearheads many business initiatives in the Augusta region.

​Dr. Rick Franza

Richard Franza Augusta

​Dr. Rick Franza is the Dean of the ​College of Business at Augusta University. Rick ​works with the business community and is a key figure with regards to connecting business and academia.

​Edward Spenceley

Ed Spenceley

​Edward Spenceley​ is a Senior Vice President for Bank of America. ​Mr. Spenceley is the government contracting and financial services specialist for the Southeast region of the USA for Bank of America.

​Melissa Furman

Melissa Furman

Melissa Furman serves as the Assistant Dean at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University in Augusta, GA and assists with the strategic implementation of university goals. 

​Daniel Levinson

Daniel Levinson

​​Daniel Levinson has nearly four decades of commercial real estate experience and is the founder SharedSpace ​- a community coworking business with it's newest location in Augusta, GA.

Rick Allen

Rick Allen Augusta GA

Congressman Rick Allen serves Georgia's 12th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Allen will appear at the Invest Augusta Conference via video.

​Earl Johnson

Earl Johnson

​​​​Earl Johnson is the Senior Vice President for AECOM Management Systems in Augusta, Georgia. Earl is responsible for Army and cyber integration programs for the Fort Gordon market.

Invest Augusta 2019

The Invest Augusta Conference will focus on cyber, tech, and business in Augusta,GA.

Who Attends the Conference?

The Conference is attended by C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and business development leaders.

Conference Details

Date:  ​May 9th - 2019

Time: 9AM - 4:00PM - Doors open at 8AM for networking

Location: The Legends Club ( MAP )

Number of Attendees:  225

Sponsoring Organization: Invest Augusta®

Primary Contact:  Tony Lever

Food and Beverage

Lunch is included in the ticket price for the Conference. We will also have beverages and snacks available throughout the day.


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Augusta Global

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