Virtual Business in Augusta’s Cyber Age

Augusta Cyber Age
Recently, I had a meeting with a company which has plans to do some great things in Augusta. They are planning on being neck deep in the mix when it is all said and done.

That’s their plan.

Unfortunately, there is a gaping hole in their plan. The problem exists in a lot of companies. Here is the problem – they put 99% of their attention on the physical aspect of business (Buildings, etc) and give about 5 seconds of thought to digital marketing.

Seeing their total lack of attention to digital marketing got me to thinking about the key areas which need to be addressed for companies to thrive in this new cyber age.

  • Virtual Employees
  • Digital Content Marketing
  • Value on Virtual Assets
  • Cyber Insurance


While these may be new ideas in Augusta, Georgia, larger cities like Houston and Palo Alto have been focusing on these subjects for years. Now, it’s time for Augusta to start focusing on them as well.



Virtual Employees

Virtual employees or remote employees are people who work from their homes. They don’t work in the company office. They could be in the Andes Mountains or the shores of Brazil, as long as they have a laptop and a good wifi signal.

For example, I have a friend named Randall Zapata and he founded Zapata Technology 7 or 8 years ago. He has 70 virtual or remote employees. He has less than 5 employees working in the actual headquarters.

Randall goes out of his way to treat his employees with respect. While Randall offers his employees great benefits, he also is smart enough to know that employee moral is a vital key to success. As a result, Randall makes sure that his employees are happy as well as productive by offering them the opportunity to work from home.

Augusta has more cyber security talent in one location than any other location in the world, however, that does not mean that all employees have to be in the actual office. Some work remotely and live 15 miles down the road.

My point is that companies need to think about incorporating this idea and get used to the remote employee model.



Digital Content Marketing

So what exactly is content marketing you ask? Look no further than this website. The way to attract and keep people coming back is to generate content that they enjoy reading (Copy), watching (Video), and listening to (Podcasting).

Content marketing is not a new concept. Fifty years ago, large companies needed a way to get their products in front of “Housewives”.

How did they accomplish this?

They accomplished this by putting content on the TV that would keep the customer coming back every day. That content was called soap operas and they sold soap and other household items which the “Housewife” needed and wanted to purchase.

If you understand that concept, then you get the concept of content marketing.

Simply figure out what your target audience is interested in, then put that content in front of them on a consistent basis and from time to time you slip in a commercial. This is not rocket science!



Investment Augusta Conference



Now, let’s fast forward this to today. What would someone involved in cyber security want to hear about in a podcast? How about podcast shows centered around cyber security.

The concept is no different than the soap opera. The content is delivered in a different way and aimed at a different audience, but the result is the same.

If you were to headquarter something like CyberSecurity.FM in your large brick-n-mortar facility and podcast every day to the world, you will have a success on your hands, I guarantee it.

People around the world will listen to and become loyal followers just like the soap operas. Then, you slip in commercials about your cyber products.

FYI: I know the owner of CyberSecurity.FM if you are interested in doing some serious digital content marketing out of your facility. Contact me.



Value on Virtual Assets

Five years ago, I asked a fellow Rotarian what he thought my most valuable asset was regarding my pine straw business. The gentleman answered “your warehouse” with a puzzled look on his face. I stated no. It’s my domain name.

If you want to know how I monetized Pine Straw, read this article.

The Rotarian looked at me and stated that domain names cost ten dollars. Then I explained the intrinsic value of domain names by asking what would Facebook be without their domain name? You take away their branded domain name and you take away at least 50% of the company’s value.

A lot of companies still don’t get that virtual real estate is worth as much as or more than actual real estate. They sink millions into buildings and people but then skimp on their virtual presence.

I talked with a guy a month ago who runs a business which generates $18,000,000 USD a year in revenue. He had just purchased a new domain name for his business. It was a good domain so I asked what he paid for it.

He said 45.

I said $45,000? He said no, $4,500. Then he said, I would have never purchased it if it was $45,000. Why a company that generates 18 million a year would not shell out 0.25% of their yearly revenue for the right brand is beyond me, I don’t get it. I must applaud him though, he got a great domain for $4,500. Two thumbs up!



Cyber Breach Insurance

I am in no way a professional with regards to cyber insurance, but I included this because this is more important than ever in today’s world.

All professional business people understand that insurance is a part of doing business. Cyber insurance is no different.

Call your current insurance carrier, if they don’t offer this type of insurance because it’s new, they will be able to shop around for you, or at least point you in the right direction.



Final Thought

Virtual business has landed in Augusta, Georgia and the city is going to have a great future in front of it.

The real money for Augusta will be in the private sector and not in the companies which service Fort Gordon. The companies which service the Fort will take in a few hundred million. Now that’s great revenue, don’t get me wrong.

However, the private sector in Augusta will make billions!



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