The 2017 Business Pitch Competition Finalists

Invest Augusta Startup Companies 2017
The finalists have been selected for the Invest Augusta 2017 Startup Business Pitch Contest. They will take the stage on September 28th at the Invest Augusta Cyber Conference and pitch their startup companies to sophisticated investors.

Events like this will help position Augusta,GA as the global leader in cybersecurity and technology and help facilitate business interactions between companies, government contractors, and investors.

Four of the companies are Augusta based and two are from the Atlanta region. I have personally sat down with all of these companies, explained the process, and what they will need to do going forward.

Now, I give you the 2017 Pitch Finalist:

  • RaceIQ Engineering

  • TSNF – Tactical Security Networking & Forensics

  • EduArmor

  • Universal Health Coin

  • Content Chord

  • SkyRaider Aeronautics

Now that you know the names of the contestants, let’s take a look at them individually and see what they are all about! I have listed a short summary for each of the startup companies.



RaceIQ Cyber

Race IQ Engineering

RaceIQ Cyber develops cyber-security software for the automotive market. RaceIQ works directly with automakers so that they can detect and mitigate vehicle data hacks, malware, and virus uploads.

Their tagline is “The world’s most comprehensive Automotive Cyber Security Platform”.

I had lunch with the young genius behind this innovative company and I was very impressed. The scale of what they are attempting to accomplish is huge. Cyber security in cars is not something that we can take for granted any longer and there are very few companies in the world that actually possess the talent to make it happen on a large scale.




TSNF – Tactical Security Networking & Forensics

These talented team behind this startup company are nothing short of cyber security geniuses. They have developed a product/service that will help protect border crossings and help law enforcement all across the world identify the people who might want to do harm to us or our country.

The market for their product is immense and growing, and I personally believe that this team has the talent to make this project a success!

I have written a story previously about this talented team and you can read it HERE.



Invest Augusta Conference






EduArmor is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, HUBZone, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) that specializes in IT Enterprise Solutions, Infrastructure Engineering, and Cyber Security.

This small company offers very innovative services in the IT educational field which, if successful, will disrupt the IT education pipeline in the future.




Universal Health Coin

Universal Health Coin

Universal Health Coin is a digital health finance organization taking advantage of the latest in technology to decentralize the provision and financing of health services worldwide.

The Universal Health Coin uses blockchain technology to secure personal health information as defined by the Affordable Care Act, and cryptocurrency to finance the health cost sharing of members and UHC holders.




Content Chord

Content Chord

Content Chord is a SaaS platform which allows brands to upload, create and manage product content in a central cloud location, and then publish this content to hundreds of retailers in real time.

Their proprietary technology allows brands to skip many of the manual steps required by our competitors. Typical updates can be completed in a tenth of the time using this platform when compared to the competition.

Content Chord is a definite step forward in the digital marketing world.




Skyraider Aeronautics

SkyRaider Aeronautics

Skyraider Aeronautics, a commercial drone company focused on the Agricultural and industrial marketplaces, has been getting a lot of press in the Augusta market.

Agribusiness professionals face a critical lack of timely and actionable data. SkyRaider Aeronautics solution is a training and logistics fleet management system that equips local drone operators, thereby making the service available and scalable.



In Conclusion

There you have it – the startup companies for the Invest Augusta 2017 Conference! I have spent many months vetting these small companies to get the absolute best startups that Augusta and the surrounding area has to offer for 2017.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference!



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