Augusta’s Three Big Cyber Conferences

Augusta Cyber Conference
There is no doubt that Cyber has taken over Augusta,GA. We are starting to get a glimpse of what the future will look like for this wonderful city which has embraced change and the growing cyber movement.

When a movement starts in a city, it usually will start with a spark. That spark for Augusta was the decision to locate the Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon in December of 2013.

We are watching the city transform around the cyber movement and a great way to cultivate this interest and grow support for the region is through business and training conferences. Currently, we have 3 conferences that are getting buzz and generating talk about cyber in Augusta.

While all three Conferences are cyber related, they each target different segments of the Augusta business ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at the three different Conferences (The “Big 3”) and what they are all trying to achieve.

  • Technet Augusta
  • Invest Augusta Conference
  • BSidesAugusta

TechNet Augusta

TechNet is aimed at companies that do business with the Federal Government. We see all the major players and wanna-be players at this event every year. This year’s technet took place in early August and really was a smash hit for the region.

I had at least 10 meetings setup for this week and all the buzz coming out of the Conference was about Augusta,GA. This is different from previous Technet events where the talk was all about Fort Gordon. There was a shift in the conversation this year to more talk about the region.

I think the primary reason for this is the great job that Tom Clark and the people at the Fort Gordon Cyber District are doing to brand the region. This is a great organization run by the leaders of the community.

If you want to learn more about Technet, you can visit their website: Technet Augusta

Invest Augusta Conference

The Invest Augusta Conference is brought to you by Augusta Global and is aimed at the private industry and the CEO’s of the world. This is Where Cyber Meets Business.

The Conference showcases the companies and business leaders from all across the USA and is a great opportunity for industry leading cyber and tech companies to build relationships and to grow their footprint in the Augusta market.

Venture capital, government and business leaders will play a major roll in the future for Augusta. Getting all of these people in a room together was the best idea I have had in years.

If you want to learn more about the Invest Augusta Conference, visit our Conference page: Invest Augusta Conference

Invest Augusta Conference

BSidesAugusta Conference

This Conference is aimed at the tech community. This is where you find the Chief Technical Officer and the Chief Information Officer of a company hanging out.

The event is held at the Augusta University Harrison Education Commons Building and is lead by Doug Burks and Mark Baggett.

Here you will find the super technical guys all trading ideas and making a lot of “Technical Talk”.

This event has grown tremendously over the past several years and it brings some of the top information security talent in the world together.

If you want to learn more about BSidesAugusta, visit their Conference page: BSidesAugusta

Final Thought

There you have it, the three big Conferences that are leading Augusta into the future.

All three are aimed at cyber, but all three are different. One is aimed at the Federal government, one at the private business community, and another is aimed at the technical community.

These three events are indicators that Augusta is really starting to make strides in the cyber world.

Get involved with the Conferences, go to the event, participate in the event and help support Augusta as we march forward into the future!