Augusta’s in a Fight To Become The World’s CyberSecurity Capital

Augusta GA Cyber Security Capital
It’s going to be a tough fight and we have our work cut out, but Augusta,GA could become the world’s capital of cybersecurity.

There was a great article published on Fortune online by John Roberts called “7 Cities That Could Become the World’s Cybersecurity Capital” and believe it or not, Augusta was number seven on the list.

He referred to Augusta as the “dark horse” in the race. He also stated that some “scoff at the idea” of Augusta winning this battle.

Unfortunately, and even though it is hard to admit, the truth is he may be right. Among the cities that made the list are a number of sophisticated and cosmopolitan metropolises with vast resources and major funding.

The cities that made the list are:

  • Atlanta
  • Washington DC
  • Silicon Valley
  • Tel Aviv
  • Boston
  • London
  • Augusta,GA


We are up against some super heavy weights and it will take every ounce of fight we have to come out on top. Are we up for it? Let’s take a hard look…



The Criteria

The criteria used to come up with the seven cities was as follows:

  • A Population of Military Hackers
  • Proximity to a Research University
  • A Culture of Entrepreneurship
  • Access to Venture Capital


Let’s take these one at a time and have a good hard look at our chances in each category. In two of the categories, we are a serious contender. In the other two categories, we need to expand and grow in order to compete internationally with these cities.



A population of military hackers

It’s pretty clear that in this category, we have a distinct advantage. Augusta,Georgia is the Michael Jordan of military cyber hackers. The only other city on the list that even comes close is possibly Tel Aviv.

Augusta has been given a gift, a BIG gift, and it’s called Cyber Command. The Cyber Command is such a large asset and the fact that it is located here gives Augusta a huge advantage. I have read articles where Atlanta is putting their proximity to Cyber Command as one of the reason they should be the capital. That’s how much of an asset Augusta has in the Army Cyber Command.

The next time you see someone in uniform, shake their hand and tell them thank you for their service!



Investment Augusta Conference



Proximity to a research university

Now that the dust has settled over the name change of Augusta University, it’s time to give the University their respect. In the last year, President Brooks Keel
( @PresKeel ) and his talented team have done an outstanding job revamping the image and structure of the University.

Augusta University has established the Augusta Cyber Institute ( @AUG_Cyber ) which is quickly becoming a leader in the field of CyberSecurity and InfoSecurity. They have established a curriculum which will graduate cyber professionals for many years to come.

Is Augusta University the worlds leader in teaching and graduating young people with cyber degrees? Because the field is so new, they have a great opportunity to establish themselves as the leader in this field. With Fort Gordon as a strategic partner, I, and many others, are putting money on Augusta University. Congrats to the University for a job well done!



A culture of entrepreneurship

It’s time to take a hard look at ourselves and admit that in this department, Augusta has some short comings.

We have an anemic culture of entrepreneurship. You have to admit your weaknesses if you are going to improve upon them.

However there are some people in the community who have been in the entrepreneurship fight for years and who are on the cutting edge of the cyber boom in Augusta:


All of these people are leaders in the field of entrepreneurship in Augusta. They have been in the trenches for a long time and deserve recognition for their insight and dedication in making Augusta the cybersecurity capital of the world.

We still have some work to do in this department. However, if you want to get involved in the future growth and opportunity of the Augusta Cyber District, contact me ( Tony Lever ) and I will be glad to speak with you about opportunities that may be available for you and your business.



Access to venture capital

This is our achilles heel. We do not have a professional investment network in Augusta. If we are to be taken seriously on the world stage, we have to address this issue.

Invest Augusta is working to put together the Invest Augusta Conference. The Conference will showcase our tech, cyber and medical community to the world and we can work on getting get some serious financing for businesses in the Augusta area.

If you are serious and want to get involved with the Conference, contact Invest Augusta or apply to be a Conference Sponsor. Tickets for the Conference will go on sale over the Summer.



Final Thought

Augusta is the underdog in this fight and we have some larger than life competition that we are up against. Some people have suggested that we work hand in hand with the other cities instead of trying to become the mecca for cyber technology. However, why should Augusta wait for another city to become the leader in cyber when we have all of the criteria and potential to become the leader ourselves?

Can we win it?

You bet your ass we can, but it’s going to take a large team effort. Everyone has to do their part and we will come out on top!



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