Augusta is Cyber King

Cyber Augusta King
The groundbreaking for the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center (Riverfront) is a watershed moment in the history of Augusta. I can not emphasize enough the importance of this event. Augusta is now cyber King!

Don’t believe me? Mark my words on this.

The announcement of the Cyber Center of Excellence (Fort Gordon) in December of 2013 was the spark Augusta needed, and the ground breaking of the new facility at the riverfront which will house the Augusta University Cyber Institute just blew the roof off the joint!

This is it people. We are on our way to a whole new era in Augusta. Turn on the James Brown record and blast it for all to hear – we’re on the good foot!


Cyber Center Augusta GA



What Is Augusta Known For?

To the rest of the world, Augusta is known as and considered the golf capital of the world. The honest truth is that most people around the world don’t know where Augusta is on a map.

A few years back during the Masters Tournament, I looked at Google Trends and the number one searched term was “Where is Augusta Georgia”.

They might not be able to point to us on a map, but they damn sure know what the Masters is and what the Augusta National is… that’s because the Augusta National is masterful (pun intended) at branding. That goes way back to when Clifford Roberts was in control.

Augusta needs a brand for cyber as well so that the world will be able to identify it immediately. Augusta is going to be much bigger than the companies that service Fort Gordon in the end.

Augusta needs to be known for creating cyber products and services for private industry. The Augusta “Cyber District” needs to be synonymous with world class cyber talent.



Investment Augusta Conference



Anybody Remember Disgusta?

Disgusta is a term that has been used for years by people to put down our great city. I have decided that I am officially declaring that term dead!

If anyone uses that term in the future, they are either ill informed about what is happening to our city, or they just have an axe to grind. Either way, say bye bye to Disgusta and hello to Augusta, the cyber king of the world!

It took me two years, but I finally got my hands on just so I could get it off the market. The domain name now points to this website and if anyone ever types it into their browser, they will read about the great transformation of our city into a cyber empire!

Disgusta is dead… maybe we should hold a funeral service.



Pick Up The Baton

While we continue down this path to becoming the cyber king of the world, we must applaud the ones who are making it happen.

A great deal of this recognition is due to Augusta University. They have shown leadership and are blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow.

It’s now private industry’s turn to pick up the baton and run with it.

This all starts at the Invest Augusta Conference, please join us as we bring cyber and business together.

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