Announcing the Presenting Companies of Invest Augusta 2018

Invest Augusta 2018
It’s time for Invest Augusta 2018.

Every year we showcase the best cyber-related startup companies that the United States has to offer.

This year’s presenting companies are simply outstanding:

  • Authomate
  • WitFoo
  • iTrust
  • FraudMarc
  • Qoor



Authomate makes stronger security easier to use by shifting the burden of authentication from a human’s memory to their smartphone. We simplify the user experience by allowing a smartphone in proximity to an application, system, website or device to seamlessly authenticate the user, eliminating the need to enter user names, passwords and one-time codes.

Key features: enablement of multi-factor authentication using contextually aware, dynamic factors; ability to share access without sharing credentials; ability to interface with VPNs and other non-web based applications that require credential input (including login for Macs and PCs); geo-fencing and geo-tagging; date and time restrictions; biometrics; defense against phishing sites; and robust logging of access.

CEO: Jeffrey Schmidt





WitFoo builds software that allows Cyber Security Operations to function effectively. The software suite is called Precinct. It 1) processes all cyber security information in an organization 2) coordinates the investigative workflows and 3) provides business metrics that detail risk, efficiency and gaps in the security practice.

CEO: Tim Bradford




iTrust is an award winning cloud platform for assessing vendor cybersecurity supply-chain risk. We provide real-time vendor cybersecurity risk ratings and risk intelligence to help businesses build trusted relationships with their vendors, partners, and suppliers. iTrust collects and analyzes cybersecurity risk metrics and uses advanced algorithms to deliver 360° vendor cybersecurity and compliance visibility.

CEO: Trevor Horwitz





Fraudmarc provides email identity protection for businesses. We have simplified the complicated email authentication policies that most companies struggle and fail to leverage. 

We have partnered with GoDaddy, 1&1 and others so that we can instantly and automatically configure domain names. We have a go to market strategy and sign up a few new users (businesses) every week. We have about 600 users and 10% of them are on paid plans.

We have a pipeline of enterprise deals and have successfully recruited a pipeline of talented engineers so we may open a seed round in order to hire more of our candidates.

CEO: Keith Coleman





Qoor is an Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency Company.

Qoor provides unparalleled value to through seamless integration of Mining, Trading, Exchange, and Financial Management. When you join Qoor, you become part of an eco-system that guarantees value and security. The customer is at the heart of Qoor.

CEO: Matthew Heaviside




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